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About Me

Ciao !

I was born in Turin (Italy) on 18 June 1978.

I started playing the Piano at the age of fourteen.

I study the first six years of classical music at the Music School in the “Civic Music Institute of Alba” (Italy) and 2 years later at the A.Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria (Italy).

I had a jazz course of a year at the Music School in Asti (Italy).

At the same time i studied at the conservatory and exploring different genres such as pop ,rock, folk, blues, funk and latin music playing over the years in several bands we performed in pubs to squares an several cities in North Italy.

Moved to London in 2012 where I start to compose music .
On my YouTube Channel a viral video with millions of views started to make me popular on the world playing in a Public Piano a my arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean/Game of thrones together in St.Pancras station where also I won in a competition a new digital piano .

I published my first album in July 2017 at the same time as the birth of my daughter Grace Elizabeth, in fact the name of the album “the Birth” means for the birth of my daughter and for the birth of a new life of my career, also i published a second album “ThePath” 7 months later wich I proud to say that my compositions now are around the world playing radio airplay and available to play and to buy in the most important platforms worldwide as iTunes, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify, Deezer and many others …
Today I dedicate my life to composing music and playing it to my gigs / concerts.

My last important concert was at Berlin Philharmonie Hall on 3rd October 2018 during Enlighten Piano Radio Awards nominations ceremony and the second last concert was at Piano City Napoli, held on 6th & 7th April 2019.

If you like my work and want to support me, you can donate here through Paypal!

Thank you all for the love and support!